Alignment & Shocks

Wheel alignment refers to the positioning of your wheels relative to the vehicle. Properly aligned wheels point in the correct direction, but without the correct alignment, your wheels will resist the steering, and each other as well. Bad alignment also causes tire wear and has a detrimental effect on your fuel economy. At ProFormance Car Care Center, our expert mechanics can evaluate and correct your alignment problems, providing the solution at a reasonable price.

The shocks refer to your car's suspension, which separates the wheels from the rest of the vehicle. This separation and suspension provides the car with necessary stability, and improper configuration can be disastrous for your car's handling. If you are encountering steering or handling problems with your vehicle, let our mechanics take a look and find the answers you need.

For assistance with alignment, shocks or steering, please contact us at ProFormance Car Care Center, or stop by our auto repair shop, today.


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